All motels closed in the port of Mazatlan


The Civil Protection delegation in the southern area confirmed that there are still some open accommodation centers

Moteles, listos para 'arropar' a los enamorados este 14 de febrero ...

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The provision to temporarily close all hotels in Sinaloa, as part of the health emergency, also includes motels. In the case of Mazatlán, the 11 establishments in this line of business have already been ceased operation; Óscar Osuna Tirado confirmed.

The delegate of Civil Protection in the southern zone stated that tours are carried out with the aim of verifying that hotels and motels remain closed until April 30.

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Motel Eiffel

They had a deadline to close Saturday night and on Sunday they had to close together with the National Guard the last four that were still providing the service, and most have tapes or tarps.

 The delegate of Civil Protection

He warned that these supervisory tours will be permanent to verify that they do not present the service, as instructed by the State government to prevent the COVID-19 contagion from continuing to grow in the entity.

However, Osuna Tirado confirmed that some hotels still have active rooms for people who have been here for several weeks, who are justifying their stay and do not know how long they will be open.

The data of the hotels that are open is being handled directly by the Ministry of Tourism, and we are only helping to supervise them and verify that all those that are closed thus remain. 

Osuna Tirado


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