Nurses suffer verbal violence on Durango public transportation


Drivers and users of public transportation in Durango have committed acts of verbal violence and discrimination against nurses due to the coronavirus.

The Durango State Secretary of Health has begun to implement special measures for medical workers, after acts of verbal violence and discrimination on public transport against nurses as a result of the coronavirus.

According to the director of Health Services of the northern entity, Blanca Estela Luna Gualito, some nurses have been victims of attacks by users of public transport, and have even been asked to get off the buses.

Other cases indicate that there are drivers who deny passage to public transport units, or bypass bus stops if they see them waiting alone, although they assure that fortunately so far there have been no physical attacks, Luna Gualito said.

The Durango Health Secretariat has not reported cases of contagion by coronavirus among the nurses of the entity

Given these events, the official indicated that there has already been a change in strategies for health personnel, especially in nursing, who have been asked to go to their workplaces, avoiding wearing the uniform in public, and preferably to use it. when they are on their workday.

Whoever discriminates against nurses will be sanctioned

“They generally wear their uniform in the morning, there are groups of people who tell them that they are going to infect them. When they use public transport, they can even verbally attack them. Please, the medical staff, nurses, all those involved in care are here to serve you, ”said Juan Carlos Espinoza, deputy director of Epidemiology of the State of Durango.

Meanwhile, the undersecretary of State Transportation said that those drivers who continue with these discriminatory practices will be financially punished, either for not stopping to prevent a nurse from boarding, or for inciting their passengers to reject health personnel.

According to the Durango Health Secretariat, so far there is a record of 26 people who work in the dependency and in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) who are in home isolation and who so far remain asymptomatic.

As of the night of April 1, the State of Durango had confirmed 7 cases of coronavirus infection and one death, as well as 61 cases dismissed and 21 suspects distributed in the municipalities of Gómez Palacio (11), Lerdo (3), San Juan del Río (1), Indé (1) and Durango (5).


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