Stores are prepared in Sinaloa for panic purchases… of beer


The measure established is that this industry is not an essential activity according to the COVID-19 sanitary emergency decree that ends on April 30

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Sinaloa.- Being a non-essential activity in Mexico, the distribution of beer will be limited during the contingency generated by COVID-19.

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In a survey conducted by Línea Directa, managers and dependents of convenience stores, supermarkets, and stores in Sinaloa, reported that so far the indication is that when the product is finished, both beer and other alcoholic beverages, they will no longer have a product to sell since the supplying companies will limit the delivery.

While beer store managers indicated that this measure will lead them to close, in convenience stores they said that although the sale of alcohol pays off to a great extent, it is not the main product to offer to their customers.

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They warned that when the information becomes public people will make panic purchases since, although many say that they will take care of their money to get out of the covid-19 shutdowns, then they will take the opportunity to give themselves the “little taste”.

They specify that when their warehouses are empty, said product will no longer be sold, until the contingency passes, as indicated on April 30, and the distribution companies determine to resume activity.

Brewer confirms it

A brewing company, by telephone confirmed that both the distribution and the taking of orders for all modalities of its products will be suspended during the established health emergency, as it is considered by the health sector as a non-essential product.

He indicated that there is no exact date when they will resume the activity, since the established measures will be taken and they will abide by them as indicated.

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He reiterated that each entity establishes the guidelines for the current sale of the product in stores and outlets, but that it is a fact that after the sanitary emergency was decreed, the brewers will suspend both distribution and order taking throughout the country.


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