Local agave producers venture into the production of natural sweeteners


“Agave producers in the country venture into the elaboration of syrups made from this plant of Mexican origin, which is highly demanded by the Japanese market”; said Norma Bañuelos of Ayllu Club, a Mexican company dedicated to highlighting the importance of agave.

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Norma recognized that in Mexico several brands stand out, among them the “Agavelife”, which competes against products that are well-positioned and deeply rooted in the mind of the local consumer.

“This product is good for people who suffer from chronic degenerative disease, such as diabetes, in which they cannot taste sugars,” Bañuelos asserted.

“Your glycemic index does not go up, that is why this product is suitable for diabetics. Agave syrup is often confused with honey, but this is incorrect since honey is made by bees, as we all know”, Normal Bañuelos continued.

As a natural sweetener, agave syrup can be used as a substitute for sugar when making hotcakes, lemonades and even in coffee.

She explained that the consistency of the product makes it perfect to enhance 100% the flavor of fruit or cereal, it can also be used as a topping on granola, yogurt, ice cream, etc., as it potentiates the sensation of the palate when tasted.

“Exactly one tablespoon of agave syrup is equivalent to about 1.4 milligrams of sugar, making this amount more powerful as a natural sweetener”, Norma added.

In addition to making spirits, the Mexican plant is used to prepare syrups that compete with foreign sweeteners.

“510 grams of product has a value of 120 pesos. A bigger presentation is the one-liter bottle, priced at 200 pesos. Agave syrup is also used in the preparation of cocktails.

Syrups are made from the plant of Mexican origin.

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