Colege professors under investigation for sexual harassment in Sinaloa


In two higher education institutions, eight college professors have been removed from their positions when they were exhibited by students for sexual harassment and misogyny.

María Guadalupe Ibarra Ceceña, rector of the Autonomous Indigenous University of Mexico, said that two teachers from the Mochicahui academic unit were exhibited and confronted by students, in the company of their parents, they were concentrated at the central offices of the city of Los Mochis.

About the two teachers, they attribute acts of misogyny and bullying to one; the other teacher is accused of sexual harassment by female students. They were reported to the State Commission for Human Rights and the State Attorney General’s Office.

The rector of the institution explained that in both cases, the professors notified her that they will assume their legal defense, so it is expected that the judicial authorities will define their legal situation.

At the Culiacán Technological Institute, six teachers were temporarily suspended from their academic responsibilities, when they were publicly accused of sexually harassing their students, so their cases were transferred to the legal department.

Salvador Elenes Uriarte revealed that officially, there is only one case reported directly by a student, to the legal department, so an investigation process must be carried out so as not to commit injustices.

On the university campuses of Culiacán, Los Mochis and Mazatlán, of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, several students report to be victims of sexual harassment, misogyny and abuse.

José Carlos Aceves, secretary general of the University Union, Academic Section, warned that these behaviors will not be tolerated but will not be acted on by anonymous complaints alone, since that can lead to injustice.

He asked students who feel they have been victims of improper conduct by teachers or administrative staff to present the corresponding complaints so that they can act within a legal framework.

Students of the Sinaloa University exposed anonymously the professors on post-it notes

The rector of the highest house of studies, Juan Eulogio Guerra Liera, stated that the State Attorney General’s Office will conduct an investigation in university campuses.

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