Cinemex celebrates its first 25 years in Mexico


Cinemex will celebrate its first quarter of a century, consolidating its entertainment strategy, by adding sports bars: Alboa and its gamers competition centers to its business offer: ‘Arena, The Place to Play’.

“It is very important for us to become a complete entertainment company, which is why we are developing concepts such as Alboa and Arena,” said Rogelio Vélez López de la Cerda, general director of Cinemex.

In August 1995, the company opened its first complex in Altavista Pavilion in Mexico City and to date it is the second cinema firm in the country, with the largest number of theaters (more than 3,000 cinemas).

The company, which was born from a master’s project at Harvard University, was sold in 2002 to two groups of foreign investors, ONEX Corporation and Oaktree Capital Management.

Year later, it was sold to The Carlyle Group México, Bain Capital and Spectrum Equity Investors; who in 2008 sold it to GM Entertainment of Mexico, a subsidiary of the Grupo México consortium, which paid just over 4 billion dollars for the company.

In 2017, Cinemex opened its first complex in Miami, Florida USA, and today it is the eighth exhibitor in the United States with 41 complexes and 420 rooms.

The Mazatlan Post