Fourth International Arts Festival 2020 in El Rosario, Sinaloa


El Rosario, Sinaloa.- In order to continue supporting and publicizing art and culture, the fourth International Arts Festival 2020 was held in El Rosario, Sinaloa, which was organized by the Magic Town Committee and the city council of Rosario .

It was in the auditorium of the Lola Beltrán Museum that the main event was held that was attended by officials and artists. Among the officials present were the Tourism Coordinator of the South Zone, Trinidad Osuna; The director of tourism of the city council of Rosario, Humberto Aguirre; President of the Magic Town Committee, María Alicia Valdéz, among others.

The applause was carried by the young guitar artist Rosarense, Jorge Luis Osuna Delgado, who for several minutes was singing beautiful melodies that impressed those present.

Maria Alicia Valdez, president of the Magic Town committee, welcomed all the artists, thanking those who have previously participated and those who for the first time come to this Magic Town to publicize their art, and to know this place.

Cuarto festival de las artes en El Rosario

In an interview, the president of the committee commented that the festival was conceived in order to open a range of opportunities for artists, since in El Rosario there is a lot of talent. And local artists are looking to exchange skills and interact with national and international artists .

He said that in the exhibition hall of the Lola Beltrán Museum there is an exhibition of a gallery of 40 paintings, in which both students and the general public will be able to enjoy for 30 days.

Cuarto festival de las artes en El Rosario

The “Educating between magic colors” Murals, that will be painted in primary and secondary schools in which artists from El Rosario and also foreign painters participated on its elaboration.

Maria Alicia Valdez Medina said that this fourth Festival has been carried out thanks to a lot of effort and work but above all love for the arts and the people of El Rosario, who wants to bring this type of artistic and cultural events that bring positive things for everybody.

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