You can go on safari like in Africa, but this is in Sinaloa


A safari trip to admire the different species in their natural habitat, is always the one longed for by many when it comes to vacation.
But you no longer have to go to Africa or spend large amounts to see giraffes, elephants, buffalo, horses, zebras or some other animal.

In Sinaloa, you have a very special place and it costs no more than moving to where you are.

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It is a ranch that is on the Guamúchil-Mocorito road. The only drawback is that they are not meat and bone, although their size only lacks movement to be real.

The idea of ​​making such an estate was by Jesús Montoya, the owner. “All for the children” Todo por los Niños he said when asked how it came up with something of that nature.

I have been building it for many years, first the garden and then I looked for who made the animals and I found in Rosarito, Baja California, but bought in dollars, he said

But they were not sent. He had to make special trips to bring them in his van. This is how each was putting them in the space in which they are.

They are made of sheet and must be maintained every certain time to last.
In addition to the animals that were already mentioned, there are large vultures, a giant rooster, a family of pigs, a dog that is still in the last details, mules, among others.

And so that you feel that you are on a walk like in the African savannah, in the middle of you placed a jeep, which is collectible and was used in World War II.

It is always open for those who want to go to admire it and take pictures, all they are asked to do is take care of it to avoid deterioration.

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