A flight from England to Mazatlan in the future


During his trip to Spain, the governor of the state Quirino Ordaz had the opportunity to meet with different companies interested in destinations such as Mazatlan and Culiacán.

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Within these, is the hotel chain Riu, which expressed interest in extending into the port of Mazatlan, but also the state president put on the table the subject of Culiacán, mainly for business tourism.

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Ordaz Coppel explained that during these meetings the statistics of flights departing from Culiacán and going to cities like Tijuana or Mexico City were shown, for which, a Riu partner, who is TUI, showed his interest in creating a Flight from England to Mazatlan.

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He said that in three months a delegation will be arriving in Sinaloa that will come to study the Sinaloa market, determine the part of the investment and the promotion, to later know if they will do business.

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The governor said that an important issue that generated expectation is the Mazatlan Aquarium that will become the most important in Mexico and that could generate the attraction of new investments.

Source: adnportal.mx

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