Sinaloa, first place in cases of leprosy


On a national scale, Sinaloa occupies the first place in cases of leprosy, a disease that mainly affects women, followed by young adults of productive age and very few cases occur in the elderly and children.

The director of the Dermatological Center of Sinaloa, Guillermo Moraila Moya, explained that from 3 years to date there have been around 300 cases, of which 37 are under treatment, the rest only under surveillance, 3 correspond to minors and around of 7 older adults.

“The symptoms range from a spot, a white spot, clearer on the skin, but the most important fact is that you are asleep, you are numb, your hair falls out, you stop sweating and your skin is atrophying and you are going to give plaques red infiltrates, then later it can present bowling nodules on the face ”.

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This condition is late for contagion, however, if the person has low defenses and a family member suffers it can occur and although it is less common in children the disease is more dangerous because they are developing and can affect them in their development.

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“Leprosy in children is rare and especially seen in mothers who are sick, or fathers who are sick, to be able to acquire, because leprosy is acquired in the family, it is very important that leprosy can be acquired at any age “

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He said that the cases that are registered are going down, however, you should see if it is because they are actually less or because they are not being detected, for this reason in the framework of Leprosy Day that is celebrated on January 26, informative and disease detection sessions are held.

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