State authorities say participation in FITUR will bring good results


Mazatlan.- “The European market is interested in investing in hotel tourism infrastructure in Isla de la Piedra because of its proximity to the airport and its strategic position in the coast of Sinaloa”, said the secretary of Tourism, Oscar Pérez Barros.

The official described as favorable the participation of the state delegation in the Inter-national Tourism Fair (Fitur), held in Spain, as two more flights from Canada to Mazatlan were completed.

Europeans seek experiences and Sectur is integrating Mazatlan into a “package”, with the Chepe Express route, to make it more attractive. Pérez made it very clear that Copper Canyon (Barrancas del Cobre), are the star of the show.

FITUR Madrid Spain (FITUR.COM)

“There is interest on a flight from London to Mazatlan, but they demand more hotel rooms, which will be met in the short term” Perez Barros concluded.

FITUR 2020

During the FITUR, the Spanish air carrier Iberia announced that they will conduct a visit to Mazatlan in March, in order to analyze the possibility of having direct flights from Spain.

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