Mazatlan; Sinaloa gives businesses 200 days to look for plastic alternatives


The period of time will be given as a result of a modification to the sustainability regulation of Ecology and Public Services, derived from the modification to the Law of Solid Waste of the State of Sinaloa approved today

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- It is already a reality that in Sinaloa there is a modification to the Solid Waste Law, particularly to single-use plastics, therefore, there will also be a mandatory modification to municipal regulations, and Mazatlan already working on it, said the director of Ecology and Environment, María de Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo.

“We knew that the time was going to come when the State Congress was going to be tested and we are ready to join this initiative; we do not want the population, that the citizens are surprised, is going to put a peremptory time for this new regulation comes into force, and we are proposing 200 business days for this new proposal to take effect, among other things and there is the one-time plastics and expanded polystyrene products, ”he said.

He argued that the new regulation will be done through two directions, Ecology and Public Services, where it will be analyzed to reach the commission of councilors, be evaluated and therefore be approved in the Cabildo session, so that it can be put in action rules and obligations for business.

“The new proposal of urban solid waste has to be made a regulation by Public Services and Ecology, work will begin mainly limiting this type of plastic, and it is already in the new regulation that we are going to present to the City Council Secretariat to the review, then passes aldermen, but we want the aldermen to know the criteria, ”he argued.

He indicated that once the municipal regulation has been modified, the 200 days will be applied so that businesses that use glasses, spoons, forks and disposable plates, look for another type of product to perform their service, in order to contribute to a new culture.

“They are going to have their 200 days to think about their alternative products, here the point is that there are companies that are dedicated only to the production of this type of plastics, for this type of companies because we will have to approach them and know that new law, maybe they are going to protect themselves and they are in full right, but we have to go forward, ”said Sanjuán Gallardo.

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