Sinaloa wants to integrate 700 new police officers


The trend shows more women interested in being part of the security system because in 2019 30 percent of the cadets were female

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The State of Sinaloa requires more police and this year could add up to 700, said the head of the Executive Secretariat of the State Security System of Sinaloa (Sesesp), Renato Ocampo Alcántar.

He explained that the amount achieved will depend on the needs of the municipalities, the State and the State Attorney General’s Office and said that at least the Ministry of Public Security of the State is estimating about 250 new elements.

Ocampo Alcántar said that these results reflect that the confidence of the aspirants to integrate into these forces is recovering.

“The Institute of Criminal Sciences of Sinaloa last year graduated 750 new police officers. I think it has been doing an important job of recovering trust, ”he emphasized.

In turn, he said that women are taking a significant role in this figure because at the beginning of the Cadet Academy only 5 percent of the enrollment were women and by 2019 there was a considerable increase because 30 percent of the cadets in formation were females.

Source: reaccion informativa

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