The roads north and south of Mazatlán are destroyed; the toll increase is not justified


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The toll roads to the north and south of Mazatlán are destroyed, in very poor condition, are risky and do not offer security, said the municipal president, Edgar González Zataráin.

The 3 percent increase in toll rates is not fair when there is no maintenance on the roads of Mazatlán-Culiacán and Mazatlán-Tepic, “total rejection of this increase,” stressed the municipality.

This issue has to do with the concession and the Senators and Deputies together with the Secretary of Communications and Transportation must regulate the charges.

They have to review the concessions and see that they are not complying with the maintenance of the roads.

The mayor is concerned that caravans of countrymen are going to pass by as well as tourists from the United States and Canada who arrive by road to spend the winter in Mazatlán, “we are going to receive them with potholes, a road that looks like it has been bombed.”

This as a tourist destination hits hard, since visitors, in addition to complaining here, take away information that becomes negative publicity.

When asked if the National Guard, in addition to monitoring, could help motorists travel more safely, the mayor considered that an element would have to be placed every kilometer because the entire highway “is bombed,” it is almost impossible.

The governor has also raised his voice regarding this claim for the increase and for the destroyed roads, the mayor indicated.

He will insist that legislators do their part.

Source: Debate