Engineer executed in Ticul for not paying floor fees


According to the facts, on October 21, the victim began to receive phone calls and extortion messages in which they demanded money to allow him to continue working as an engineer on a construction site.

On October 28, around 7:45 a.m., the victim was in the “San Enrique” neighborhood of Ticul, Yucatán, waiting for transportation to go to work with a woman.

At that moment, one of the now accused approached him, threatened him for not following the warnings and, immediately afterwards, took his life using a firearm.

Six people are linked to the murder of an engineer in Ticul

On November 1, the initial hearing was held, in which the perpetrator and the other five people were charged with these events, on whom the judicial body imposed the precautionary measure of preventive detention for having intentionally provided substantial support in the commission. of the crime, a measure that will continue in force.

Yesterday, during a long hearing, the judge linked them to the judicial process, and the closure of the investigation was scheduled for the month of March.

Source: Diario de Yucatan