A new star shines on the Mazatlán boardwalk: a large deer more than 5 meters high


Starting this Saturday, November 4 and until the end of December, the stainless-steel work will be exhibited at no cost.

Mazatlán, Sin.- Locals and strangers are amazed. Starting on the afternoon of this Saturday, November 4, the Mazatlán boardwalk has an impressive attraction that has given more shine to the port’s tourist boardwalk: a large deer more than 5 meters high.

The work, which is on loan to the municipal government headed by Mayor Édgar González Zatarain, will be on display from this day until the end of December of this year.

The sculpture of an imposing stainless-steel deer was placed on Del Mar Avenue with the support of Public Services personnel in coordination with Municipal Transit to carry out the transfer and positioning maneuver of the large figure safely.

The polygonal art deer with a height of more than 5 meters and a weight of 1.2 tons, was transferred to the coastal walkway where it will be temporarily exhibited to the delight of tourists and locals.

The sculpture is a loan from the “Retador” design and manufacturing company, so its exhibition does not generate a cost and does generate another point of tourist attraction for the city, even if it is temporary.

The large deer joins the dozens of monuments that decorate the Mazatlán boardwalk, such as the Allegoría Marina, better known as Los Monos Bichis; as well as the monuments A la Familia, to the Leon del Mar, To Pulmonias, the Commemorative to the Centennial of the Foundation of the Cervecería del Pacífico, To the Mazatleca Woman and To Fernando Valadez Lejarza, among others.

Source: Linea Directa