Cultural exchange between Querétaro and Xcaret


Xcaret Park is known for its focus on the preservation of culture and nature, as well as its celebration of the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday that honors the deceased. The combination of elements such as underground rivers, caves and cemeteries has added a unique dimension to the experience, highlighting the historical and cultural richness of the region.

It is the fourth day of the 17th Life and Death Festival where Queretaro producers offer the public a wide variety of items from our state. Among the aisles you can find are the Querétaro wines, craft beers, gourmet cheeses and gastronomic products such as sauces and honeys. Likewise, various activities have been carried out such as the creation of altars in several municipalities. These are just some of the attractions that Querétaro offers in Xcaret

The fusion of the traditions of Querétaro with the mystical atmosphere of Xcaret has allowed visitors to immerse themselves in a world of legends and ancestral beliefs, exploring the connection between life and death in Mexican culture.

These cultural exchanges and festivals not only promote understanding and respect for diverse traditions, but also encourage cultural and sustainable tourism, which contributes to the preservation of the identity and cultural heritage of local communities.

Source: Quadratin