They are looking for a Spanish man who sailed from Zihuatanejo


Relatives of Mr. Eloy Parra Abella, a resident of the port and of Spanish nationality, aged 77, asked the society for help to locate the man who went fishing from Zihuatanejo on Sunday, October 29, and did not return. Around five in the afternoon this Tuesday, his body was located.

His daughter, Lorena Parra, reported that her father went fishing on Sunday on the boat “Misela” and his last contact was at four in the afternoon of the same day, to inform her that he could no longer go back. For its part, the Port Captain’s Office indicated that the ship set sail at 6:00 a.m. on the same day from the Las Salinas lagoon in Zihuatanejo and did not confirm its return.

The agency attached to the Navy indicates that his last location was between Barra de Potosí and Cerro de Huamilule, 12 nautical miles south-west of Zihuatanejo and reported to his relatives that water was getting into the boat, its bilge pump It didn’t work, and it didn’t have enough fuel.

Her daughter pointed out that they are working to locate him by air and sea, but they require more support and asked citizens to replicate the information.

A Navy aircraft, specialized in Search, joined the search.

Hours later, authorities reported that they located the lifeless body of Eloy Parra 2 miles from Puerto Vicente Guerrero; it was transferred by the Navy to be delivered to his relatives.

Source: Meganoticias