It already “smells” like Day of the Dead in Querétaro


The rain forces the inauguration of the monumental altar that is placed every year in Plaza de Armas to be suspended

The persistence of rainy weather in the capital caused the suspension of the formal inauguration event of the Monumental Altar located in Plaza de Armas; although the decorations are placed in the different streets of the Historic Center on the occasion of the Day of the Dead festivities.

“Due to weather issues, it will not be possible to hold the inauguration of our Monumental Altar. We invite you to visit the exhibition from October 28 to November 5,” reported the Ministry of Tourism of the state of Querétaro through social networks.

Meanwhile you can already see some decorations in the streets of the Center, which is a tradition. On the other hand, the sale of allusive costumes is appreciated, but also what is related to the preparation of the Day of the Dead that people place in their homes.

Even one of the most demanded elements is the marigold flower, which can also be seen in the markets.

In addition to the streets that already show some decorations, businesses such as restaurants, mainly in the Historic Center, offer some dolls alluding to these Day of the Dead festivities.

The decorations can be seen in the main arteries such as Corregidora, Benito Juárez, Vicente Guerrero and Andador Madero. Also from Zaragoza there are images related to these festivities.

Precisely one of the most colorful places is the Plaza de Armas, where the Monumental Altar has been placed and next to it some Lelé dolls that were placed on Wednesday afternoon. Likewise, the Guerrero Garden and September 16, as well as Plaza de Armas, Jardín Corregidora and Plaza Constitución.

One of the events that people are looking forward to is the exhibition “Mictlán, path to the underworld. Day of the Dead Festival 2023” that will be in Alameda Hidalgo from October 27 to November 2.

There will also be events at the City Theater, the old Hércules Station, at the Rosalío Solano Cinematheque and the Gómez Morín Cultural Center.

Source: Diario de Queretaro