Tourists endure hurricane abandoned in hotel


A couple traveled from Tijuana to celebrate their wedding anniversary and their plans were ruined

La Paz, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex). – Tourists who were staying at the “Cantamar” hotel located in Pichilingue, went through the hurricane without electricity, without water and without food

Despite the recommendations of the National Coordination of Civil Protection towards the hotel sector to protect visitors from La Paz and Los Cabos during the phenomenon, there are visitors who report having had one of the worst experiences in the state capital, the hotel left them alone in the most critical moments of the hurricane.

Mario Lona and his wife traveled from Tijuana, Baja California to the city of La Paz to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Their plans changed due to the weather conditions. They report that they experienced the impact of Norma with fear of being abandoned by the hotel. “Hotel Cantamar” Club.

“They left us there practically stranded, we did not have drinking water, we did not have water for the toilet and even less for bathing, we did not have electricity, internet signal, wi-fi and since it is somewhat removed from the city we did not have much signal in the phones and well, we spent all of Saturday and part of Sunday practically without food, we ate cookies that we brought.”

The Tijuana native reported that he counted a little more than 20 people staying at the hotel who were in the same situation. They had to contact 911 so that security elements could direct them to the city. They point out that the hotel never gave them a response.

In addition, their flights were canceled, and their expenses amounted to 20 thousand extra pesos, to pay for food, transportation and new lodging in the city, since they decided to leave the hotel where they were.

  “One of the most horrible experiences, the truth is that we didn’t even sleep, the water got in, we had nothing, we were flooded and on Sunday we called 911 and the truth is that it was a very good response, we told them that we wanted to get out of there. Terrible service and very disappointed because we had high expectations, we understand that it is a matter of the weather, but they cannot leave us adrift and now we have to wait until Thursday to return.”

The Ministry of Tourism and Economy (SETUE) reported that during the weekend 158 flights were canceled, affecting more than 13 thousand users. In addition, there was a hotel occupancy of 60%, with almost 50 thousand tourists in the entity.

Although there were visitors staying in other hotels who reported having been well cared for at the time of the contingency, others had a bad experience due to the poor service provided in their hotels.

Source: El Sudafricano