Coepris recommends not entering sea water in Los Cabos and La Paz for the next few days


After Hurricane Norma passed through the south of the entity, the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COEPRIS) emphasized the recommendation to citizens not to enter sea water on the beaches of Los Cabos and La Paz until the following weekend, in order to avoid possible health effects due to the waste that ended up in the coastal areas.

It is a health suggestion that the state agency makes to foreign and national visitors, as well as to the local population, to reduce their exposure to bacteria and other pathogens that could remain in the contact water due to the flow of streams that converge with various waste towards the sea, indicated the head of the state agency, José Manuel Larumbe Pineda.

After a hydrometeorological phenomenon like the one that the south of the state recently faced, it is recommended to wait a period of five days to use the natural spas, so that waves and tides dissipate possible microbial concentrations and thus reduce the chances of being affected due to skin, ear, upper respiratory tract infections and acute diarrheal diseases, the public servant said.

COEPRIS, through its clean beaches program, will carry out sampling in the coming days on the beaches of our entity that are visited by a greater number of bathers to corroborate that the seawater presents sanitary conditions suitable for contact recreational use primary, he added.

Larumbe Pineda added that the suspension of food sales on public roads remains in force in those areas of Los Cabos and La Paz that register sewage spills, since this condition can increase the incidence of acute diarrheal diseases, which are more risky in girls , children and older adults, by pointing out that any irregularity in this regard can be reported on the portal

Source: NBCS