The 2024 eclipse will also be seen in Durango in case you want to live a different experience


Given the increase in tourism and scientists, if you are looking to leave Mazatlán, tourist authorities from the neighboring state are available for your tourism.

MAZATLAN.- Reservations to see the eclipse in Mazatlán in 2024 are already ending, but if you as a local are looking for remoteness, in Durango there are destinations where you can go glamping and see the total solar eclipse in its entirety.

The Undersecretary of Promotion of the Department of Tourism of the State of Durango, José Campuzano González, mentioned that there will be two towns in which the eclipse will have a total duration of up to 4 minutes, Nazas and Gómez Palacios.

“In Durango, within the three states of the Republic where the eclipse will be seen, here in the municipalities of Durango is where it will last the longest, especially in the municipality of Nazas, it will last around 4 minutes, we already have it saturated with reservations.”

Although, said the state official, there will be 11 communities that will have the opportunity to appreciate this astrological phenomenon, these two communities will receive scientists and specialized tourism from the United States, Germany and Japan, through house rentals, hotel reservations and glamping.

“We have confirmed groups from Japan, Germany, the United States, who have booked us, in Nazas, the vast majority are Japanese like the people who booked in Gómez Palacios. We will be full… we are developing what is now used as glamping, we are supporting people to camp,” he said.

What is glamping?

Glamping or glamorous camping is a form of accommodation that combines the experience of camping in nature with the luxury and comfort of a high-end hotel. The term “glamping” comes from the combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping”, which literally means glamorous camping.

Let us remember that the total solar eclipse brings a trajectory to be seen in at least 14 communities in Sinaloa and three other states where it can also be observed such as Nayarit, Durango and Coahuila.

The communities of Sinaloa through which the eclipse will be seen are Agua Caliente de Gárate, Concordia, Coyotitán, Dimas, El Quelite, El Recodo, El Rosario, Escuinapa, Mazatlán, Ojo de Agua, Pánuco, Rosario, San Ignacio and Villa Unión.

Given the increase in international tourists due to the total eclipse of the sun, the state authorities of Durango implemented the “Durango Multilenguas” program, to teach different languages to personnel in the tourism sector, restaurateurs, hoteliers, and others.

“We have just launched a program to teach five languages to all the people who will have contact with tourists… we are teaching Chinese, German, French, Italian and Portuguese,” he commented.

Source: Punto