Passengers are diverted to other cities, Mazatlán airport is flooded


On its Twitter account, the Mazatlán International Airport reported that its facilities will remain closed until further notice.

MAZATLAN. – What seemed like a flight full of foreign tourists coming directly to Mazatlán, ended up in Torreón, Coahuila due to the rains that occurred in Mazatlán this Monday and that caused flooding and leaks at the Mazatlán International Airport.

A video was released through social networks in which passengers who had just landed in Mazatlán had to walk with suitcases in hand and through hallways full of water, which forced the property’s managers to close their facilities.

“In coordination with the airport authorities, the closure of the airport has been determined, due to the fact that the weather conditions do not improve. We recommend contacting your airline to find out the status of your flight.”

OMA Mazatlán Group Statement

José Gámez Valle, marketing director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, sent through his distribution list that those people who came on a flight from Phoenix, Texas, were diverted due to the rain and the conditions at the airport.

According to the OMA Group page, in its flight status section, the flights began to be delayed from 11:00 a.m., the first of them from the Aeromexico airline with flight AMX 350, which came from Mexico City; two from American Airlines, one from Dallas and the other from Phoenix, from 11:10 and 12:16 respectively.

Calafia flights, which came from La Paz and Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, were canceled; According to the portal, the reactivation of flights with Aeromexico from Mexico City is scheduled until 3:58 p.m.; one from Volaris from Tjuana, Baja California; 2 Vivaaerobus, from Monterrey and Ciudad Juárez, respectively, among others.

As for departures, the airport reports that flights with Volaris to Tijuana will be reactivated until 4:29 p.m., followed by others to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico City, Monterrey, Ciudad Juárez, La Paz, among other national destinations.

Source: Punto