You don’t play with the hurricane! Tourists ignore the closure of beaches by Norma and end up in cooler


The Aquatic Police had warned them, and when they returned, they saw three tourists and a local woman inside the restricted beach area of Avenida del Mar.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- It is the tourists who continue to ignore the lifeguards, since for not complying with the restriction alert to enter the beach area, due to the effects that could arise from Hurricane Norma, on Friday afternoon they put at disposition of the civic judge four people.

According to an official statement from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, the call to people’s attention occurred on the beaches in front of the Hotel de Cima, on Avenida del Mar.

They explained that when the elements carried out prevention tours they noticed the presence of these people, who were asked to leave, but they ignored them, so during the second review they chose to request the support of the municipal police to remove them from the beach.

The people identified themselves as Olga, Abraham, Roberto and Javier, aged 26, 33, 50 and 32 respectively, except for the woman who said she was a resident of the city, the rest said they were visiting the port.

The report stated that the detained persons were under the influence of alcohol and to descend to the place they broke the tapes with which access to the beach area was delimited.

Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, Coordinator of the Aquatic Police mentioned that the restriction of entry to the city’s beach area prevails until the sea conditions are suitable for bathers.

Source: Linea Directa