Mexico: Elevated dengue fever activity reported nationwide, especially in Yucatan State, through October


Elevated dengue fever activity reported across Mexico through October. Yucatan State is most affected. Avoid mosquito bites.

Health authorities have reported elevated dengue fever activity nationwide in Mexico, with 119,390 probable cases (23,166 confirmed cases) reported Aug. 14-Oct. 15. This is compared to the 4,505 confirmed cases (19,248 probable) reported over a similar period in 2022. Yucatan (6,218 confirmed cases) is the most affected state, followed by Veracruz (5,127 confirmed cases), Morelos (1,829 confirmed cases), Quintana Roo (1,368 confirmed cases), and Puebla (1,339 confirmed cases) states. Health officials urge anyone experiencing dengue fever symptoms to seek immediate medical treatment. This represents the most complete information available as of Oct. 20.


Dengue fever is considered a year-round, nationwide threat in Mexico; however, risk is highest June-October. Health authorities identified roughly 59,918 cases of dengue fever in 2022, 36,742 cases in 2021, 120,639 cases in 2020, and 268,458 cases in 2019.

There are two dengue fever vaccines, Dengvaxia and Qdenga. It is only recommended for individuals with a history of dengue infection and in countries with high dengue fever burdens. Dengue fever is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Symptoms of dengue fever include a sudden onset of fever and at least one of the following: a severe headache, severe pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, rash, easy bruising, and/or nose or gum bleeding. Symptoms typically appear 5-7 days after being bitten but can develop up to 10 days after exposure. Dengue fever can progress to a more severe form known as dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). DHF can be fatal if it is not recognized and treated promptly.


If you have previously been infected with dengue fever, consult with your physician regarding vaccination. Avoid mosquito bites and remove standing water to reduce the number of biting mosquitoes. Seek medical attention if symptoms develop within two weeks of being in affected areas. Do not use aspirin or ibuprofen products if dengue fever is suspected, as these could exacerbate bleeding tendencies associated with the disease.

Source: Crisis 24