In this municipality of Veracruz the largest catrina in Mexico is exhibited


For 6 consecutive years, Misantla has stood out for creating the largest catrina in all of Mexico. Here we tell you more about this monumental work

Like every year, the municipality of Misantla will seek to build the largest catrina in Mexico as part of the Day of the Dead festivities, this time with a height of more than 28 meters high. Since the first days of October, artisans from the area began to create the structural elements that will adorn the monumental catrina of Misantla, using materials resistant to climate changes and rain and sun conditions.

Martín Rodríguez, originally from that same municipality, is the artisan in charge of creating and assembling the monumental work, being supported by a group of 20 artisans who have met in his workshop to work day by day on the creation of each piece.

Together, they seek to create a monumental catrina of more than 28 meters, since it even has that measurement and they plan to add other elements higher up, which would provide more height and exceed the measurements of the 2022 catrina, which was positioned as the highest in Mexico above that of Puerto Vallarta with 23 meters and that of Zapotlanejo, Jalisco with 18 meters.

This year’s costume of the Catrina that will adorn the center of the Misanteco municipality will be a set of blouse and skirt, a hat with colored feathers and slippers, all in striking tones and allusive to the season such as yellow, purple and orange.

The monumental catrina has become a tradition of the municipality, being eagerly awaited by locals and tourists. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was designed to be worn with face masks. Thus, starting on October 27, when the unveiling of the monumental catrina is planned, you will be able to go to Misantla to appreciate the work made by Misantec hands and that seeks to preserve the traditions of the Day of the Dead.

Source: La Silla Rota