The winter season begins this weekend. West Jet will land from Canada


The vice president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, Carlos Berdegué Sacristán, mentioned that destinations such as Dallas and Phoenix are looking to implement larger flights since demand to Mazatlán is growing.

MAZATLAN. – This weekend the winter season will begin in Mazatlán with the landing of the first flight from Calgary, Canada, with high expectations of demand and permanence, reported Carlos Berdegué Sacristán.

The vice president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán mentioned that this means that the season was brought forward as expected, from October of this year to April 2024.

“This weekend the first flight from Canada begins, from West Jet, we were at the Cancun Travel Mart last week and the cabin occupancy rates are very good… We managed to get the season to start earlier because winter is going to end at the end March, for Easter,” he declared.

According to the tourist flow calendar maintained by the association, from March onwards they focus on national groups and other tourist segments such as congresses and conventions, remember that the cruise season begins in September, although the latter does not stay in the destination hotels.

Berdegué Sacristán announced that American Airlines, on its flights from Dallas and Phoenix, both in the state of Texas, will possibly increase the size of its planes to larger ones, since the demand for Mazatlán is increasing.

“The people at American Airlines say that the Dallas and Phoenix flights are going to have to put in larger planes because occupancy is also high… If occupancy continues like this, they are going to grow 15 percent more seats, what they do is they put in large planes, what we can predict is the trend,” he said.

The challenge, expressed the hotel businessman, is to maintain this competitiveness at the national level, since Puerto Vallarta is the destination that competes with Mazatlán directly and continues to grow and increase, in addition, it has more flights, not only to the United States and Canada, but also for Europe and South America.

Source: Punto