Patrick Dempsey, from Grey’s Anatomy, arrives as a surprise to a small store in Oaxaca


The actor arrived at a store in Acultzingo during the Carrera Panamericana.

OAXACA.- It had been confirmed a few days ago that the actor Patrick Dempsey, recognized mainly for his participation in Grey’s Anatomy, would be competing in the Carrera Panamericana 2023, but his appearance in a small store in Oaxaca went viral on networks.

The viral photos were taken in Acultzingo, they were taken during a break in the race, in which the actor got out of his Porsche to buy something in a small store, where the manager did not hesitate to ask him for a photo, and along with other photos of him in the store, they were uploaded to La Carrera Panamericana networks.

The actor said goodbye to the race yesterday, after his arrival in CDMX.

The race covers seven states in seven days, from October 13 to 19. It started in Veracruz, goes through Oaxaca, CDMX, Queretaro, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes and ends in San Luis Potosi. There are around 80 participants in the most important and longest road rally format speed joust in the world.

In a press release, Dempsey stated the following:

The Carrera Panamericana has a very special status, since for a long time it was considered the most demanding race in the world. For me it is a privilege to follow the path of the first automotive successes of Porsche and the legendary TAGG Heuer, and to be at the starting line of the prestigious race this year.

Source: El Imparcial