They will work to promote Nuevo Laredo


To celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Nuevo Laredo Customs Agents Association, Mayor Carmen Lilia Canturosas Villarreal, together with the State Secretary of Economy, Ninfa Cantú Deándar; The Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, Olga Sosa Ruíz, and customs authorities, reaffirmed their commitment to potentialize this border as the most important in Latin America.

“Foreign trade is today a strategic driver for our state and customs agents have always been committed to matters of general interest and social responsibility for eight decades; “Its vision of development and progress enhances Tamaulipas as one of the most competitive regions in North America,” emphasized Cantú Deándar, who attended on behalf of Governor Américo Villarreal Anaya, and recognized the AAANL as a pillar association to maintain the customs leadership that distinguishes Nuevo Laredo.

The municipal president Canturosas Villarreal indicated that Nuevo Laredo is in constant growth thanks to the synergy and drive of the hard-working people who live here, such as the customs agents, who enhance every advantage of this border to convert and reiterate the city as the Capital Customs of Latin America.

“Today we live in a new era of progress in which the municipal government and organizations like you work shoulder to shoulder to raise the name of this land of opportunities and it is precisely this continuous and cutting-edge work that we carry out that has taken Nuevo Laredo to another level,” he noted.

During her speech she highlighted that this result of the synergy to promote Nuevo Laredo has also been due to the enormous interest of the state governor, Américo Villarreal Anaya, who has strengthened actions to develop Tamaulipas.

The president of the AAANL, Ignacio Zaragoza Ambrosi, stressed that Nuevo Laredo is the most important land port in Latin America and has no equal that can be compared with the daily dynamics, exchange and commercial volume that is handled on this border.

“The impact of our activity is reflected and perceived not only in the city, but also in the binational region of which we are a fundamental part; Our unity and commitment in favor of the union will allow us to strengthen our indicators to contribute even more to the economic development of Nuevo Laredo,” he pointed out.

Source: El Mañana