Chichonal Volcano, the only one in Mexico where you can swim in the hot springs of its crater


Chiapas has a beautiful volcano for you where you can swim and relax after a tiring week.

Mexico has endless activities and majestic natural places; In each state of the Mexican Republic we find places where we will live unparalleled moments and experiences, from the impressive seas and coasts, to its picturesque towns and colorful cities, all with unique traditions that make us see how incredible our country is.

In this sense, Chiapas stands out from almost all the states in Mexico for having beautiful waterfalls, nature reserves, colonial cities, archaeological sites and even a volcano that provides a view and a unique experience of its kind: a kind of natural pool where you can enjoy of its hot springs.

Where is the Chichonal Volcano?

The Chichonal volcano is part of the 48 active volcanoes in the country; It became one of the most spectacular Chiapas attractions, so if you are planning to go or need more reasons to make this trip, this is the sign. This place over time has become an important tourist spot in the state. Currently, the Chichón volcano is a stratified space that has a height of 1,060 meters and is located northwest of Chiapas, in the municipalities of Francisco León and Chapultenango.

This volcano became famous for the eruptions it had in 1982. The ash from this event fell in Tabasco, Campeche and part of Oaxaca, Veracruz and Puebla; In subsequent days, the explosions continued. However, as the years go by, what is currently seen from its crater are majestic landscapes.

What to do at the Chichonal Volcano?

Going to this site involves taking a tour from the El Chichonal Volcano Colony, where you can hire local guides to go to the summit, a 5 kilometer journey that will take approximately three and a half hours. The crater of the Chichonal Volcano became a majestic valley one kilometer in diameter. In the center you will find a lake with sulfurous, green-yellow waters where you can enjoy and swim. Keep in mind that walking to the bottom of the crater will take you an additional 40 minutes.

Source: Escapadah