Friendly Fire Gaming Franchise Makes a Mark in Mexico


Friendly Fire, the premier gaming cafe brand, opened its first franchise in Mexico City, Mexico. The grand opening event attracted over 500 enthusiastic gamers, signifying a significant step in the brand’s journey that began in Zagreb in 2017.

A Global Expansion

Friendly Fire has already successfully franchised its business model in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Austria, amassing a community of nearly 100,000 users. With the signing of a master franchise agreement for Mexico, the brand is poised to establish at least 30 new establishments throughout Mexico, laying the foundations for its presence in Latin America.

Andrija Čolak, co-founder and chief advisor for franchise business, believes Friendly Fire has all the prerequisites to become the next global franchise phenomenon. With a remarkable return on investment and straightforward operational management, Friendly Fire is well-positioned to achieve significant global success.

Vision for the Future

Founder and CEO, David Kosir, emphasizes that this major milestone is the result of ongoing work and the vision of further global expansion. Friendly Fire aspires to become synonymous with top-notch gaming experiences worldwide. Negotiations are underway to expand into additional markets in Latin America, although the details remain confidential at this time.

Making History

By opening its doors in Mexico, Friendly Fire not only strengthens its position in the gaming industry but also achieves a historic milestone. It became the first Croatian franchise to establish a presence in Mexico, marking a momentous occasion in the brand’s history.

Ambitious Goals

Friendly Fire’s ambitions are very high. They are being compared to Starbucks and McDonald’s. Their plan is to have 400 gaming cafe locations to achieve an exit worth between 100 and 300 million dollars. Friendly Fire claims to be a leader in the industry with an annual growth rate of 8.21 percent.

“With exceptional return on investment and straightforward operational management, Friendly Fire is poised to achieve significant global success,” says Čolak.

“The real secret to our market advantage is the software. In the hotel industry and other similar service industries, only three percent of guests install their app, while with us, all our users have our mobile application. Friendly Fire is always at their fingertips, and through it, they belong to a community,” concludes Kosir.

A Grand Opening Like No Other

The grand opening event in Mexico City has been described as one of the best in Friendly Fire’s history. About 250 people managed to squeeze in and experience the excitement of the event, while an estimated 250 more came but could not participate due to the venue being packed to capacity. 

This event sets the stage for the franchise’s bright future in Mexico and beyond.

Exciting times lie ahead for the Friendly Fire franchise, and this venture into Mexico signifies the brand’s commitment to offering exceptional gaming experiences on a global scale.

Acknowledging Contributions

The success of Friendly Fire’s expansion into Mexico would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of many individuals, including Dino Kovačević, who played a vital role in supporting the franchisee in the lead-up to the grand opening.

So far, this franchise has organized more than 600 esports events, and players have spent over 3 million hours gaming within it. They organize tournaments in 5 different games with 200+ participants every year. The games your team can participate in are Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, Valorant, Battlefield, and CS2.

It’s pretty easy to register. Just head over to Friendly Fire’s official website and register your team. Your team can also use their equipment for practicing which costs around 10€ (160 MXN) for 8 hours.  

Experience the Event

For a visual glimpse of the grand opening event, be sure to check out the photos on Friendly Fire’s official website. Witness the excitement and enthusiasm that surrounded this historic occasion.

Friendly Fire’s journey from Croatia to Mexico is not just a story of growth and expansion but also a testament to the rising popularity and influence of esports. As the brand continues to evolve and adapt to the changing gaming landscape, it’s setting the stage for a future where top-notch gaming experiences are accessible to enthusiasts worldwide. The next time you’re in Mexico, be sure to visit Friendly Fire’s franchise location and experience the gaming revolution firsthand.

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