Veracruz Zócalo will dress up as the Day of the Dead, there will also be a Museum of Terror


For the upcoming Day of the Dead festivities, Mayor Patricia Lobeira commented that the Veracruz zócalo will be decorated with elements alluding to Mexican tradition.

She also announced that, like last year, the City Museum will once again become the house of terror.

“There is a very nice Day of the Dead decoration coming, in addition to the altars that we always put every year and this year the municipality is going to put a very nice altar, we are also going to put the Day of the Dead decoration and also an announcement “We are going to have the house of terror.”

She indicated that the planters will be decorated with marigolds, there will also be skulls and altars.

The mayor stressed that a catrina contest and the Catrina Parade will be held, which is beginning to be a tradition in Veracruz.

Source: XEU Veracruz