Street vendors return to Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen


Street vendors returned to Fifth Avenue, despite the fact that at the beginning of this Administration the pedestrian route was “cleaned”, and they were relocated to the side streets.

Established merchants indicated that they once again feel “suffocated” by the semi-fixed craft stalls posted at the doors of their businesses, so they called the Director of Inspection, since they do not know who issues these permits.

Carlos R., one of those affected, pointed out that the street vendors “are all over Fifth Avenue. The problem is that to enter they only pay 60 thousand pesos and a monthly fee of one thousand pesos.”

“The businessmen who have businesses here pay rents ranging from 3 thousand to 12 thousand dollars, plus all municipal taxes and fiscal obligations, which are around 12, such as a Civil Protection permit, fire extinguisher, water, electricity, payment of the employees. The monthly expenses exceed 70 thousand pesos, at least, and if you don’t pay they will close you down immediately,” he added.

He asked the Municipal President, Lili Campos, and the Director of Commerce, Gabriel González Ornelas, to monitor the sale of permits and carefully select the locations of these vendors, since by crowding the entire Fifth Avenue they directly affect the established premises and contribute to the bad image of this tourist area.

“Complaints have already been made to the corresponding authorities, but so far we have not received any response,” said Carlos R.

He recalled that the commercial sector is going through a low season and it is difficult for them to sustain business, due to the excessive expenses that an established establishment entails.

“We ask that they continue to reinforce security, because previously the Tourist Police and their commander, Osiris de Jesús Ceballos, could be seen on the streets. Also elements of the Navy, National Guard and the Mexican Army patrol La Quinta; Now they are seen less and they have neglected the tourist heart. “It is urgent to reinforce security to safeguard the integrity of tourists and merchants in the area.”

Source: Por Esto