Pib Fair 2023 in Mérida: Time, date, place and prices


MÉRIDA.- The mayab souls dish will be served at the sixth edition of the Pib or Mucbipollo Fair as part of the Mérida City Council’s Festival of the Souls 2023.

The program will include the participation of 14 exhibitors each with more than 100 kids, and the chefs will offer everything from traditional chicken and pork with espelón, to varied recipes such as chestnut, stuffed black, lomitos, seafood, ham and cheese, among others.

The fair will be held on Sunday, October 29, on 72nd Street between 75 and 77 in the San Sebastián neighborhood, from 8 in the morning to 8 at night.

Prices will be the same as last year because many people have not managed to overcome the Covid 19 pandemic.

The large can of traditional pib will be priced at $700, a portion of traditional pib will be priced at $90.

Events at the Pib Fair 2023 in Mérida

In addition, the program will include the traditional burial rite with mucbipollo, at 11 in the morning, and an altar in honor of Marcelo Sanguinetti Briceño, on his first death anniversary. The popular “Jacarandoso” was king of the Merida Carnival and also president of the Gremio de Mestizos La Esperanza Católica.

The Pib Fair 2023 will include a stage with regional shows; as well as fruit, xec, bread, desserts, marquesitas, ice cream, fresh waters. In addition to the best GDP contest.

Source: Diario de Yucatan