Tourists risk their lives to climb the Los Cabos Arch


The people were captured on the moment they climbed to the top.

The Arch of Los Cabos is one of the most iconic places in this state and in Mexico, hundreds of people use it in the background to take photos, but a video of two tourists who did more than this circulates on social networks.

The people decided to climb the arch and reach the top, regardless of whether they were putting their lives at risk.

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is a rock structure with vertical walls that reach 67 meters, located about 30 meters from the coast. The waters that surround this site can be somewhat treacherous due to their turbulence and depth, which reaches up to 18 meters. With all these details, it is extremely dangerous to carry out any act like the one these people did when they climbed the arch.

In the images you can see these two people who are already at the top of the structure. One of them is already up and this same one helps the other so that it can go up without setbacks.

Now it is unknown if these adventurers were detained, since it is prohibited to climb the arch.

This site is a protected natural monument that has been part of an Underwater Refuge of Flora, Fauna and Ecological Conditions since 1973. In 2005, UNESCO recognized it as a World Natural Heritage of Humanity, along with other marine areas of the Gulf of California.

Source: Medio Tiempo