7 Mexican Fashion Influencers You Should Follow


Fashion’s dynamic reflection of culture has intensified in the digital era. Online influencers now shape the global fashion narrative, spanning streetwear to luxury.

Mexico’s historical textiles inspire modern fashion. Today’s Mexican fashion bloggers meld tradition with contemporary flair, presenting a unique blend of Mexico’s heritage and current trends.

With the advent of digital platforms, fashion discourse has evolved. What once thrived in magazines now flourishes online, with voices from every corner. Prominently, Latina fashion bloggers infuse global trends with a distinct local essence.

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Profiles of Top Mexican Influencers

In the sprawling and dynamic world of fashion, Mexican influencers are making their mark, each bringing a unique touch that is both authentic and global. Here’s a closer look at some of these fashion mavens:

Gabriel Ibarzábal (Latin Fashion News)

Brief Biography: Gabriel, also fondly known as Gabo, is the force behind Latin Fashion News, one of Mexico’s most successful fashion platforms.

Unique Style/Perspective: As a stylist, photographer, and fashion designer, Gabriel offers a comprehensive view of the fashion world, blending his personal style with the latest trends.

Achievements/Accolades: In just six years since its inception, Latin Fashion News garnered a staggering 500,000 followers, a testament to its widespread appeal.

Collaborations: Gabriel’s prowess as a photographer has led him to work with notable figures such as Tommy Hilfiger and Bar Rafaeli.

Paulina López (Oh My Dior)

Brief Biography: Paulina López is the spirited mind behind Oh My Dior, a platform exuding youth and vibrancy.

Unique Style/Perspective: Her platform celebrates high-street, affordable fashion, juxtaposed with traditional Mexican crafts, resulting in a blend that’s both accessible and culturally rich.

Achievements/Accolades: Being a bilingual content creator, she bridges diverse audience sets, and her background as a textile designer further accentuates her fashion credibility.

Collaborations: Apart from her own creations, Paulina often showcases pieces from popular brands like American Eagle.

Andy Torres (StyleScrapbook)

Brief Biography: Andy Torres embarked on her fashion journey with StyleScrapbook, which began as a personal project during her transition from Mexico to Amsterdam.

Unique Style/Perspective: Andy’s global journey provides her platform with a blend of diverse cultures, reflected in her style choices.

Achievements/Accolades: Beyond blogging, Andy has an impressive resume as a freelance editor for Glamour (NL), a TV host, and a judge at various fashion events.

Collaborations: While details of specific collaborations aren’t mentioned, her extensive engagement with the media suggests a myriad of partnerships.

Gaby Gómez (Moda Capital)

Brief Biography: Based in the heart of Mexico City, Gaby Gómez transformed her blogging hobby into a successful career with Moda Capital.

Unique Style/Perspective: Gaby’s fashion escapades aren’t limited to Mexico; she seamlessly integrates travel, presenting fashion panoramas from various global destinations.

Achievements/Accolades: While her ‘Beauty’ and ‘Style’ sections are staples, it’s the ‘Travel’ section, coupled with a chic blog interface featuring fashion capitals, that makes her stand out.

Collaborations: No specific collaborations are detailed, but her diverse content suggests potential brand partnerships.

Ángel Vázquez (Yo Vivo La Moda)

Brief Biography: Hailing from Monterrey but now based in Mexico City, Ángel Vázquez is the eclectic mind behind Yo Vivo La Moda.

Unique Style/Perspective: Ángel’s home page is a burst of colors and quirkiness, juxtaposed with sleek, minimalist blog entries that offer a delightful visual contrast.

Achievements/Accolades: As a talented graphic designer, Ángel has been showered with numerous awards for his blog, reflecting his expertise in blending design with fashion.

Collaborations: While detailed collaborations aren’t mentioned, his keen eye for the latest trends and styles indicates potential tie-ups with contemporary brands.

Adriana Gastélum (Fake Leather)

Brief Biography: Adriana Gastélum started her journey with Fake Leather in 2010 and later shifted her base to Barcelona in 2014, bringing a cross-cultural dimension to her blog.

Unique Style/Perspective: Adriana’s blog is a visual feast, leaning heavily on images that reflect her distinct personal style, blending modernity with a dash of artistry.

Achievements/Accolades: Adriana is not just a successful blogger but has also collaborated with industry giants like Vogue México, Coach, and L’Oreal, amplifying her footprint in the fashion circuit.

Collaborations: Apart from the mentioned brand tie-ups, the quality of her photos hints at a collaboration with photographers, particularly Grg Mrkt, who happens to be her boyfriend.

Andrea Maria (Dear Milano)

Brief Biography: Andrea Maria, originally from Tamaulipas in Northern Mexico, has an academic background in marketing from TEC de Monterrey. Her Milanese sojourn further honed her fashion sensibilities, which she encapsulates in Dear Milano.

Unique Style/Perspective: Dear Milano is Andrea’s heartfelt tribute to her fashion passion and her time in Milan. The blog is adorned with vibrant photos, documenting her eclectic and quirky fashion choices.

Achievements/Accolades: Apart from her popular blog, Andrea has undertaken internships with noted photographers and has forged partnerships with eminent magazines such as Grazia, ELLE.mx, and Harpers Bazaar. Furthermore, she pens a column for InStyle.mx, reflecting her versatile engagement with the fashion domain.

Collaborations: The aforementioned tie-ups with renowned magazines and her stint with photographers suggest a vast network in the fashion realm.

These influencers not only represent the richness of Mexican fashion but also highlight the global nature of today’s fashion landscape. Each, in its unique way, bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary, regional and global, bringing forward a tapestry of styles that are both authentic and cosmopolitan. Read this article to see how exactly these and other influencers can help you boost your brand and attract new young customers.

Also, there are lots of smaller New Mexico fashion bloggers: don’t underestimate them, see the micro-influencers definition, and learn about their power.

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