Alert for the arrival of more than 30 thousand migrants


Irineo Mujica Arzate pointed out that the agglomeration of thousands of people in Tapachula is not healthy

Tapachula. – Given the wave of thousands of migrants who have arrived at the Southern Border of Mexico, the organization Pueblos Sin Fronteras warned that they estimate that about 30,000 migrants will arrive from various countries seeking to reach Mexico to cross into the United States. .

In a press conference, Irineo Mujica Arzate, director of this organization on the outskirts of the ecological park, where the largest number of people congregate, pointed out that the agglomeration of thousands of people in Tapachula is not healthy.

“There are talks with Venezuela and Colombia and this will reduce migration, until they find a new route, because organized crime finds new ways, they are not attacking the problem, organized crime, they leave the machinery intact, they stop it for a while. Meanwhile, the United States and Colombia do not have the political will to punish the perpetrators.”

He asked the United States to take its responsibility because they have not known how to handle migration, they have started with applications (CBP ONE), to encourage migration.

He explained that there is a conspiracy between the countries of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, which have channeled migrants to reach Mexico and then they have to deal with caring for the people where they must be cared for in a humane way.

He stressed that the root problem is not in Mexico, the issue is in the countries of origin.

Jaqueline Sierra, a migrant from Honduras, reported that in Tapachula, they are treated badly, they are chased away, and they are not allowed to stay in the city, so she asked the Mexican government to grant them a transit document, but above all a work document to don’t bother anyone.

In Honduras, she had her own business, but she had to flee due to crime and extortion from the gangs.

This migrant emphasized that she has corroborated the asylum request, but it lasts three to six months, which complicates her situation, because she does not have the financial resources to remain in the city.

Mujica Arzate assured that it is the United States that must take the lead and really resolve the situation, it is not Mexico that must attend to and deal with this immigration crisis.

The leader of this civil association Pueblos Sin Fronteras, asked the government of Mexico to depressurize the southern border of Mexico, so it must grant Multiple Migration Forms (FMM), so that they can leave the rest of the country legally and can continue.

For now, he pointed out that it is not the time to make a caravan of thousands of migrants, since a dialogue is being maintained with the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) and the National Migration Institute (INM), but if the 35 thousand migrants really arrive, perhaps the only option or a time bomb would be the migrant caravan.

He stated that in Chiapas, there may be about 100,000 migrants where they have gathered and critical condition has been created, because there are more migrants than Mexicans.

Source: NVI Noticias