They discover a network that promotes the migration of Russians to Quintana Roo


With the promise of a residence permit in a week and a two-year Mexican passport, Sergei Kostenko has created a network that promotes migration to Cancun in an easier way, through births in different destinations in Quintana Roo, and where Immigration authorities, police and doctors are involved.

According to the pages created by Kostenko in Russia, among its services it facilitates the flight, transfer to the hotel and birth in one of the Entity’s clinics, where the private hospitals Amerimed and Galenia participate, with the care of doctors from first level and the delivery of Mexican papers immediately, in addition to providing advice to acquire a property in any destination.

“Giving birth in Mexico was considered exotic five years ago. Today, thanks to the large flow of tourists, Cancun is not far behind cities in Europe and the United States in terms of safety and service. At the very least, you will spend the time before and after giving birth in a pleasant climate on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. At most, you will receive Mexican citizenship for your child immediately after birth and two years later for you,” reads one of the five pages in Russian that it has enabled.

What has caught the most attention of the Mexican authorities are the prices charged for each service, since the immediate arrangement of the documentation costs $1,900; that is, more than 30 thousand Mexican pesos; while the highest delivery package costs more than 350 thousand pesos or 19,800 dollars, where all procedures are guaranteed.

“My team and I will help families from any country in the world to organize travel and birth in Mexico, at any time during their pregnancy. We also invite everyone who is currently choosing a country to give birth: we will show you hospitals, introduce you to doctors and immerse you in the culture and life of Cancun,” he continues.

Sergei Kostenko started his company in 2019, offering his services to help migrate Russian citizens and other nationalities to Cancun, quickly through deliveries; However, currently it also “solves” immigration problems for other legal reasons not related to this issue, such as obtaining a driver’s license in 40 minutes as a foreigner, having a work permit in an accelerated manner, acquiring a company quickly and invest in real estate in Quintana Roo, as well as carry out banking procedures and issue vehicle license plates.

It is worth remembering that the visit of Russians to Quintana Roo increased after the war conflict with Ukraine, since according to Eduardo Paniagua, national president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies, there was an increase of up to 30 percent of this market in the Mexican Caribbean, derived from its destinations.

According to the most recent report from the Migration Policy Unit of the Federal Government, from January to June of this year, 1,419 international people obtained temporary residence to live in Cancun, with Russians being the second nationality that obtained the most, with 131 cases, surpassed only by Cuba, which obtained 447, and the Colombians who placed third, with 93.

Source: Por Esto