Mayan Train and Tulum airport encourage the creation of new hotels


The mega works promoted in Quintana Roo by the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) such as the Maya Train and the Tulum airport are promoting investment in new hotels in Quintana Roo, as stated by the director of the Institute for Development and Financing of the State (Idefin), Ari Adler Brotman.

According to statements by the director, there are several investment proposals in the state, although there is fear regarding issues of land ownership and insecurity, but he insisted that there are projects in tourism, for the energy sector and sports infrastructure, and to diversify the economic activity.

Adler Brotman added that “it has not been an impediment for people to decide to invest in Quintana Roo and at this time we have more than 47 letters of intent that exceed 10 billion dollars,” he said.

Likewise, he referred to the push that the governor of Quintana Roo, Mara Lezama, is giving in the southern part of the state, as reported by Noticaribe.

As reported by, recently the municipal president of Cancún, Ana Paty Peralta, highlighted the continued hotel development in this tourist destination, with the addition of 1,900 hotel rooms scheduled to be ready next year. In addition, she mentioned the project of a tourist corridor that will connect Cancun with the continental area of Isla Mujeres. (Cancun adds almost 2,000 rooms in 2024 and more connection to Isla Mujeres).

The growth of hotel infrastructure will be concentrated in the area near the Cancún airport, towards the neighboring municipality of Puerto Morelos. The tourist influx in the state of Quintana Roo is increasing, with the forecast of receiving 20 million tourists by the end of this year, the majority of whom visit Cancun, the mayor commented at the time.

Source: Reportur