The promotion of Sonora in Taiwan


The development of human capital in the field of semiconductors, which is experiencing its greatest moment, is of enormous interest.

I think it is excellent news that Governor Durazo has recently visited Taiwan, with this tour, we expect good news regarding the economic promotion of the entity.

Work meetings with businessmen from the technology, software and semiconductor industries are mentioned as part of the trip as part of the strategic vision with the state of Arizona.

The CODESO, which is the Council for Sustainable Development, highlights some issues related to organizations such as ITRI, which is the Taiwan Technological Research and Development Institute.

You don’t need to be a magician or fortune teller to know where to focus the batteries and the Governor should be clear about it, without a doubt the development of human capital in the field of semiconductors that is experiencing its great moment is of enormous interest.

Our closeness to the United States and President Biden’s support for the electromobility issue, despite the strikes in the automotive sector in his country, are of enormous importance for Sonora.

Particularly, in the area of education and training, both virtual and in-person, of human resources, not to mention languages or retraining and international certification.

One thing is certain: artificial intelligence – AI -, robotics, automation are among us and we must know how to work on them since they are the ABCs of any modern manufacturing company anywhere on the planet.

Now, the great challenge of local and regional supply according to recognized consulting firms such as Mc Kinsey is the adoption in a timely manner of all this so-called technology.

It should not be ignored that working successfully on this issue leads to greater income, reduced inventories and lower costs for countries.

Nor should we forget that within the good of our trade agreements over several decades ago our country has positioned itself as the king of manufacturing in Latin America and it is no small thing.

I say this because we are already a relevant actor in the commercial context in several supply chains of some countries and globally recognized companies.

To begin with, the automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, just to name a few categories, which are of great relevance in the commercial future.

The challenge is not to look for the technology, it already exists, the challenge is the speed and time to implement it and make it ours.

In a recent article, colleague Enrique Quintana titled “We won the Grand Prize”, narrates the enormous luck that Mexico has because of the way the world is organizing the economy, which greatly favors us.

Let me explain, we are moving from a stage of globalization to one of regionalization that has to do with shortening production chains along with significant relocation or nearshoring.

However, Quintana points out that this moment has an expiration date and we must consider that the coming six-year term must work on improving several things, including infrastructure, the existence of qualified labor, insecurity and clean energy.

These and other issues must be put on the public agenda without overlooking the scope of the regions since the speeds in terms of growth and development in the entity are different on the border, center and south of the state.

But hey, it’s a good start, and I return to the topic of the visit of the Governor of Sonora to Taiwan with the signing of agreements with research centers and companies there.

A good start, but insufficient and we need many more students, graduates, qualified personnel, etc. Let them come and go through in-person and virtual if we really want to take advantage of this situation.

By : Germán Lohr Granich

Source: Uniradio Sonora