Sewer network, drains and roads, the priority for 2024


The director of Public Works of the Municipality indicated that the objective is to continue with the work that has been done in 2023

MAZATLAN. – The issue of sewerage, the modernization of collectors and sumps, will continue to be priority works for the municipal government in 2024, said Rigoberto Arámburo Bojórquez, director of Public Works of the Municipality.

He explained that during the course of 2023, significant progress has been made in the goal of modernizing. However, addressing the entire sanitary sewage problem in a single year is difficult to attack. Therefore, the objectives will continue to be the same: to provide benefits to the population.

Arámburo Bojórquez emphasized that the issue of the city’s sewage system requires a considerable investment, and although they are making progress on this issue, it is not feasible to complete it in a single exercise. Therefore, investment will continue, with the idea of continuing these improvements.

In addition to the ongoing works, he indicated that new works with a social focus will be included in 2024, including the maintenance, remodeling and construction of the main avenues of Mazatlán.

“Main avenues will be included to improve mobilization, as well as important projects for the municipality,” he added.

The Department of Public Works has signed 120 contracts during the current year for a variety of projects ranging from paving and modernization of drains to improvements in monuments and school roofs.

Arámburo Bojórquez highlighted that this year has been particularly positive in terms of transparency, since they have carried out tenders systematically, compared to previous administrations. He also clarified that the works are being carried out throughout the municipality, not limited exclusively to the tourist area.

Source: Punto