They prepare ‘Scenic Festival of Terror’ in Mérida


For three days fear will be experienced in the Yucatecan capital, as the first “Scenic Festival of Terror, Suspense and Dark Fantasy” arrives in Mérida, which is focused on promoting the theatrical and performance scene of this theme.

The organizers of the festival revealed that it will take place from October 26 to 28, and in which strong and unique emotions will be experienced with the multidisciplinary billboard that includes plays, a special effects makeup workshop, a discussion panel, reading dramatized, a concert and immersive experiences.

“In Siniestra you can feel the fear and suspense on the surface, because it is not classic horror, but rather an innovative proposal that will go back to the darkest fears we have, to the unknown, and the macabre in a sense that It will leave you thinking.”

“Although the main billboard will take place on three days from October 26 to 28, as part of the activities, two films will also be screened: —You will not sleep— on October 3 and —Suspira— on the 10th of the current month, at 7 :30 in the video room of the Olimpo Cultural Center in Mérida, there is no cost, it is just a voluntary fee,” they stated.

Likewise, they commented that, among the completely free events are, the panel table “The dark side of creation” on October 26 at the State Center of Fine Arts and on the 27th the presentation of the “Ratonera” at the Tapanco Cultural Center, among others, which can be viewed on the fanpage: Siniestra.

Source: Por Esto