Veracruz has a high incidence of tuberculosis


Every day almost 4,500 people die in the world due to tuberculosis and according to the World Health Organization, approximately 30,000 people contract this disease.

According to personnel from the State Health Secretariat, Veracruz has the highest rates of the disease.

It usually occurs in people with poor nutrition, who smoke and are alcoholics; however, it is a highly contagious disease, so the patient’s entire contact group is monitored.

“It is a disease that is transmitted through the air, when the infected person sneezes or coughs the saliva particles go into the air and the other person breathes them and can be infected. We can all get sick, but there is a greater risk in a person who have poorly controlled diabetes, poorly controlled HIV and malnutrition.

Although 85 percent of cases affect the lungs, it can occur in the nervous system, bones, skin, intestines, genitals and ganglia.

In Veracruz, as in other places in Mexico and the world, tuberculosis has been a public health problem.

This disease has affected people of different age groups and communities across the state. However, the incidence and distribution of cases may vary in different regions of Veracruz.

What are the symptoms of tuberculosis?

Persistent cough for more than 15 days.

You can cough up blood.

Cold sweating in the afternoon – night.

Unexplained weight loss.


Tuberculosis is a curable disease and treatment is available in all units of the National Health System.

It lasts about 6 months but the success of the treatment will depend mainly on the strict taking of the medication in the health unit.

Source: Imagen de Veracruz