The hot springs near Guadalajara the perfect getaway


Bathing in hot springs increases body temperature, which eliminates germs and increases blood circulation and oxygenation

There is an option to rest from everyday life and very close to Guadalajara. A place that is known for its hot springs and the beauty of being next to Lake Chapala: San Juan Cosalá.

San Juan Cosalá is located 13 kilometers from Chapala, after Ajijic, towards Jocotepec. It is a town with hot springs where there are different options for those who want to spend a day of relaxation.

Perhaps the best-known offer is the spa that bears the name of the town, but there are also other options where the experience is more for adults to relax, so children and noise are not allowed.

In the case of the spa, the facilities have a pool with slides, a semi-Olympic pool and a wading pool with a slide, as well as a private pool that can be rented at an additional cost if what you are looking for is greater privacy.

Visitors to the spa area can enjoy the day while preparing roast meat on the grills to which they have access, or they can choose to enjoy the food that is sold ready-made.

In places for adults, services include themed pools, that is, with herbal or wine essences, temazcals and jacuzzis. Massages and mud therapy, as well as restaurant and alcoholic beverage service. There is the option of a hotel, if you wish to stay on site for several days.

Thermal water and its benefits

Bathing in hot springs increases body temperature, which eliminates germs and increases blood circulation and oxygenation. This increase in temperature helps dissolve and decrease toxins from the body.

By increasing oxygenation, bathing in hot springs improves the nutrition of the body’s tissues in general, which is why the metabolism is accelerated, at the same time stimulating the secretions of the digestive tract and liver, thus helping digestion.

Repeated bathing can help normalize the functions of the endocrine glands, as well as the overall functioning of the body’s autonomic nervous system. The immune system is also stimulated, the mind relaxes, there is production of endorphins and regulation of glandular functions.

How do hot springs help?

The temperatures and the amount of minerals contained in hot springs help in cases of:

Chronic rheumatic diseases

Chronic gastrointestinal problems

Mild respiratory illnesses

Circulation problems

Stress-related illnesses

Sequelae of trauma


Source: El Informador