Ajijic, the magical town of Chapala that foreigners fall in love with


The town offers a surprising view of Lake Chapala, as well as unforgettable walks through its streets and relaxing dips in the hot springs.

One of the places that anyone can fall in love with is Ajijic, a town in the municipality of Chapala, one hour from Guadalajara, Jalisco. In addition to a beautiful view of Lake Chapala, there is lovely weather practically any time of the year.

Ajijic is the ideal remedy against routine and that distinguishes it among the places preferred by the people of Guadalajara, who arrive quickly by road to that magical town that welcomes us with avenues of leafy trees and houses with very large gardens fill with color.

It is preferred not only by the people of Guadalajara, but by all those who discover this picturesque place. And since before 2020, when in the middle of the pandemic it was named a magical town, Ajijic has been the preferred resting place for American and Canadian families who, once retired in their countries of origin, adopted the place to live.

What is the reason for this love of Mexicans and foreigners for Ajijic?

In addition to the climate, one of the best in the world, you will also love its cobblestones, the tree-lined medians, the color of the farms and the murals that are found on practically every street.

There is a wide variety of restaurants, all preserving the architecture of the place and most of them in large farms that have been adapted to receive diners who can order everything from tacos to the finest cuts or dishes based on fish and seafood.

Ajijic is also distinguished by having many spaces to buy crafts, some of them on the street and others established, gallery-style, where not only classic souvenirs are sold but also many exclusive and valuable pieces made by renowned Mexican artists.

Of course, also because of its boardwalk, which can be walked leisurely while enjoying a tejuino, one of the favorite local drinks, a shaved ice or a “Ruso” in cantorito, also very popular in the area.

As if that were not enough, Ajijic also has a wide variety of spas with thermal waters that offer all types of hydromassages in tubs prepared with fruits or some type of flowers, as well as spa and aromatherapy services for demanding people.

So if you want to live the Ajijic experience, come first to Guadalajara and then to the Magic Town, whether as a couple, with the whole family or friends.

Source: El Sol de Mexico