Google rules out opening its cloud region in Querétaro this year


The general director of Google Cloud Mexico, Julio Velázquez, announced that the cloud region that the company revealed for Mexico in the middle of last year and that will be in Querétaro, still does not have a start date for operations and he ruled out that this will happen this year.

In a meeting with the press within the framework of the Google Cloud Summit Mexico, which is being held for the second time in the country, the manager said that there are already clients such as banks that ask him to announce the start date of operations in order to draw up the schedule of your cloud projects.

“I have little additional data to share because basically, although work is already underway and we made the announcement a year and a half ago, there is no commitment date. We are very careful about these issues because we have already identified the site, we already know how to create a region in a country, we have done it in several places, but behind there are many dependencies, permits, suppliers. We are going at a very good pace, and we are months away from being able to announce it,” responded the director of Google Cloud Mexico.

Mexico will be Google’s third cloud region in Latin America. The first was in Brazil, opened in 2017, and the second in Chile, in 2018. However, given the need to have local infrastructure to help its clients with regulation and data residency issues, Google announced in mid-2022 that would build a cloud region in Mexico as part of a $1.2 billion investment that Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced in June 2022 at the Americas Summit held in Los Angeles, California.

“It is important not to create a false expectation. I have several banking clients who are asking me to make the official announcement because this resolves some issues, helps with regulation issues, and data residency. They ask me for dates so that we can put together the schedule of activities once and for all. Do you think I wouldn’t share a date if I already had it clear? We would already be making the deployment or the work plan,” Julio Velázquez responded to a question from Forbes México.

“We know of the need, of the urgency, we are working at full speed, we want to do it responsibly, with the appropriate times and not heat up the market with something that is not fulfilled later,” added the Mexican manager, who ruled out that there is something that is holding them back and that they are even trying to anticipate the start of operations by a couple of months.

He explained that once the Querétaro cloud region starts, they will make available to customers the most urgent products that they currently obtain from Google’s infrastructure in the United States.

“The response times and level of service are going to be the same,” said the general director of Google Mexico this Thursday.

Google currently has 39 cloud regions around the world, plus another 13 announced, has 118 availability zones, 187 network edge points and 24 undersea cable investments, which in total serve more than 200 countries and territories in everyone.

Velázquez assured that even with the arrival of more companies to Mexico thanks to nearshoring, the Querétaro cloud region will be enough to meet demand, so in the short or medium term he does not see the need to increase infrastructure.

Last February, Microsoft announced that for the second half of 2023, although without specifying the month, it would put its Data Center Region into service also in Querétaro, the second of its kind in Latin America—after Brazil.

Source: Forbes