They catch up! Mazatlán firefighters receive successful training


The commander points out that for the remainder of the year they will seek to continue training to all personnel to provide better care to the population in Mazatlán

MAZATLAN. – The intensive 40-hour training on first response hazardous materials at an operational level that was given to Mazatlán Volunteer Firefighters and Civil Protection elements, was described as successful by Commander Saúl Alfredo Robles Chávez.

A total of 32 people belonging to both institutions participated in these training sessions, which were led by experts in hazardous materials from the Mexicali Fire Department.

During the course, detailed instructions were provided on how to act in emergency situations involving hazardous materials and how to ensure the safety of the community.

     “The course went very well, we worked hard for five days. “We learned new mechanisms and reinforced other techniques we had for hazardous materials emergencies, we already stimulated a procedure in the search for things to become more efficient,” he mentioned.

Robles Chávez recalled the importance of this training due to the presence of an important chemical industry in Mazatlán, where various chemical products are handled. So, improving work techniques benefits both those who took the course and the population in general, always prioritizing the safety of the community.

With this new knowledge, members of these institutions will be able to carry out operations with specialized equipment in situations involving substances such as ammonia, cyanides, acid spills, mercury and other chemicals. This will allow for more efficient organization at the scene of the incident and the application of safe and appropriate procedures.

In addition, the corporation commander announced that more training will be carried out throughout the year, including rescue courses. This will ensure that all staff are prepared both physically and mentally, especially with the increase in fires that usually occurs at the end of the year.

Last year, firefighters responded to a total of 27 emergencies related to hazardous materials. Given the complexity and danger of these situations, they have decided to take proactive measures to guarantee the safety of their team and the public in general.

Source: Punto