Mexican entrepreneurs carry out a joint trade mission to El Salvador and Costa Rica


Mexican businessmen want to do business in El Salvador and Costa Rica.

Mexican businessmen will carry out a joint trade mission to El Salvador and Costa Rica from September 25 to 28.
Costa Rica.

A group of businessmen from the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment, and Technology (Comce) will carry out a trade mission in Costa Rica and El Salvador to generate business opportunities, strengthen trade relations between both regions, as well as provide the opportunity for collaboration between buyers, sellers, and investors.

“Comce has organized a very important trade mission to visit El Salvador and Costa Rica, which is why it calls on Mexican companies to join as buyers, sellers, and investors,” said the vice president of the International Section for Central America and the Caribbean. from COMCE, Víctor Manuel Meléndez Artiga.

“This is an opportunity to reach those nations at the highest level and the most appropriate counterparts to make Mexico grow,” commented the businessman.

According to the business representative, the trade mission is key to the integration and increase of trade and investment between the three countries.

The El Salvador-Costa Rica Joint Trade Mission will take place from September 25 to 28 of this year.

Total trade between Mexico and El Salvador was 1,584 million dollars in 2022, while with Costa Rica it was 1,690 million dollars last year.

Source: NBC

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