“Going to Chapala was like going to the beach”: This was the ‘Mar Chapálico’ of Jalisco


The great Lake of Chapala throughout its history has been an inspiring setting for many artists and great figures who have found in the beauty of this great body of water, a perfect place for creation.

In the 1950s, the Ribera de Chapala enjoyed large waves that hit the golden strip and turned it into an attractive beach, where visitors had the luxury of bathing, sunbathing and enjoying a true beach atmosphere.

It was the passage of time, the exploitation and the poor management given to the tributaries that supplied the lake, which ended up affecting its nature, to the extent that little by little its level began to drop, until that beach of decades passed, and swell disappeared.

Many people from Guadalajara who managed to live through that time remember with nostalgia those good times in Chapala, where it was classic to go on weekends to spend time with the family.

The moments in which the lake has recovered its level in recent years have been very brief, as happened in 2008 when the lake once again surprised with its strong waves.

Source: Zona Guadalajara