Four dead and 12 injured due to accidental explosions in Hidalgo, Mexico

Based on the official report, gunpowder and rockets were stored at the site

In 24 hours, two explosions in state territory left four dead and 12 injured; all caused by accidents related to pyrotechnics.

The last one occurred in the municipality of Jaltocán, where the explosion of a pyrotechnics production workshop in the Pahuatitla neighborhood left a woman and a six-month-old baby dead, and four people seriously injured.

According to the first reports from the police authorities and the emergency services, the woman lost her life on the way to the Huasteca Regional Hospital and a baby hours later.

The four adults were found among the rubble with serious injuries, according to Carlos Francisco Hidalgo Contreras, instructor of the Huejutla Fire Department, who were the first responders.

Based on the official report, gunpowder and rockets were stored at the site, and there were no signs of marine bombs, which are the most dangerous devices.

Municipal Civil Protection Authorities of Jaltocán cordoned off the place since the structure is on the verge of collapse due to the large explosion.

At the site, elements of the Mexican Army cordoned off the place and guarded the explosives that failed to detonate, to prevent curious onlookers from entering the site of the explosion.

Of the nine people who were injured in the explosion that occurred inside a cantina in Chapulhuacán, three were discharged and three others have serious burns.

According to the report from the municipal authorities, one person is in the local health center in stable condition, and five more remain hospitalized in the hospital.

Source: El Universal

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